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(DISCLAIMER: Our FoolProof Exercise & Diet Programs Are 100% Science-Based..."Bro-Science" And "Fads" Will Not Be Tolerated)

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Discover The 3 Biggest Secrets For you To Lose Fat and Gain Lean Muscle ... In the Next 30 days!
WHAT'S INSIDE: The 3 Biggest Secrets To Shredding Your Excess Fat and Adding Lean Muscle So You Can Have Your Dream Body...even if you've tried everything else in the past and failed!
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The 3 Biggest Secrets To Losing Fat & Gaining Lean Muscle (In The Next 30 Days)

What FoolProof Fitness Solutions Does For You:
Goal #1: Busting All The Myths & Lies Being Sold In The Fitness Industry ... So You Can Save Hours Of Time & Boat-Loads Of Money On "Fads" & "Fakes".

Sadly, the health and wellness space is more crowded with lies and myths now than ever before. "Meat-heads" and "Fit-Guru's" are selling you a new fad workout or diet every other week. Even more sad, consumers are handing over their money, buying mostly B.S. and sexy headlines.

It is time that someone took a stand...So here we are. All of our programs are science-based, doctor-approved, and each case-study is provided as a reference so that our clients know exactly what their programing is based on.

You will lose that stubborn fat you've been holding onto while adding lean muscle. No more gimmicks and "new-solutions", instead you will learn tried and true approaches to creating your ideal body that have been validated by numerous studies year after year.
Goal #2: Providing Simple & Sustainable Solutions Exercise & Diet Solutions ... So You Never Fail Again Following An Unrealistic Program ... Which Means You Can Eat What You Enjoy & Still Transform Your Body!

What we DON'T tell our clients: No carbs, no sugar, avoid cake at all costs, pizza is the devil, do crazy amounts of cardio, do hundreds of reps, spend countless hours at the gym.

What we DO tell our clients: Losing fat, gaining lean muscle, getting your energy back, boosting your sex-drive, increasing your confidence, and looking exactly how you want to isn't as hard as "fitness professionals" make it out to be. Could you do everything listed above and get results, maybe. Could you do it for the rest of your life, NOPE. 

Our approach...keep it simple and sustainable...because the truth is that's all you need. A science-backed program that will allow you to enjoy your life in a body you love.
Goal #3: Teaching You Everything We Know ... So You Know Exactly What You Are Doing & Why ... Which Means You Don't Need To Waste Money On Paying Someone To Tell You What You Now Know!

90% of the professionals who work in the fitness space are imposters who bought a certification online and googled the answers...sounds crazy but it's true. The other 10% of fitness professionals are great at what they do and know how to get clients results. BUT here is the issue, DEPENDABILITY. The hardest thing for fitness professionals to do is get more clients, so the good ones know how to KEEP the ones they have. Many fit-pros talk of "muscle confusion" and change your plan every 4-6 weeks so that you have to keep coming back. (We said in goal #1 that we are myth busters... Muscle Confusion=Myth Busted!)

This is where we are different. We don't want to Fish For You, we want to teach you how to Fish For Yourself. How do we do this? We teach you everything we know so that in the future you DON'T have to depend on us or anyone else.
What You Will Learn In The FoolProof Fitness Program:
 How To Lose Unwanted Fat 
(While Eating Things You Enjoy)
 How To Gain Lean Muscle (Spending Less Than 5% Of Your Week In The Gym)
 How To Maintain Your Dream Body Once You Get There 
(& You Will Get There)
Would you like to do all of these things, and see a noticeable change in your body over the next 30 days? Trust us, you can. It's simple, it's sustainable, and its worked for other people just like you. It won't happen over night, but in just 30 days you can look in the mirror at a healthier, happier, leaner YOU.

Our step-by-step blueprint will ensure that you will lose fat and gain lean muscle ... So you can finally have your dream body.
What Is Included In The FoolProof Program:
What People Like You Have Said:
I was skeptical but decided to join after seeing the 100% money-back guarantee. Best decision i've made. I have my life back. Personally and professionally everything has improved since I went all in on the FoolProof program. The only regret I have is not trying this sooner.
- Tom K, CA
The name of the program says it all, it really is "fool proof". I didn't have a lot of experience but I knew I needed to make a change. After just 4 weeks I didn't only look better but I loved how I was educated through the program. I haven't looked this good in over 10 years!
- Samantha N, FL
I'm down to 10% body fat, have gained over 10 pounds of lean muscle, and feel unstoppable. I'm a new man.
- Nolan S, IL
Pre-FoolProof program I would have said it'd be impossible for me to stand on a stage in front of judges in a two-piece. FoolProof didn't just change my body, it changed my mindset. Grateful is an understatement.
- Kristina S, TX
This program is no joke. It teaches you the science behind how to eat and train. It's unlike any program I have ever done. Simple, easy to follow, and it works. Bottom line. I recommend it to anyone who is done with all social media BS.
- Isaiah W, TN
I lost 40+ pounds in my first three months. I feel confident, I love the woman I see in the mirror, my friends and family are blown away, and my dating life has even improved.
- Trudy J, NY
This program is a steal. I have spent a lot of money on personal trainers and figured i'd change it up because I wasn't seeing results. 30 days with the FoolProof program not only got me better results than all my past trainers, but I learned how to eat and program for myself. Plus the support along the way was great. 100% recommend.
- Joshua D, CA
I love love love the FoolProof Fitness Family. I started with the FoolProof Fitness program and couldn't believe how in-depth it was. Workout plans, nutrition plans, tracking documents, videos, etc etc etc. I will never waste money on another "fad" workout or diet again. I am in their 1on1 coaching program now and love that even more. THANK YOU FP!
- Julia M, OR
Simple, sustainable, easy to follow, great resources, and the results speak for themself. I am more ripped now than i've ever been. I feel great, sex drive is off the charts, I got a promotion at work, and i'm just getting started.
- Henry F, WI
I was down 30+ pounds in my first 60 days! My jaw line is more defined, my arms are less flabby, my legs are more toned, and I finally have the confidence to wear my swimsuit again!
- Elizabeth C, AR
I'm an older guy and I am not new to working out. I've done it all. Personal training, open gym, classes, keto, no carb, and more. I decided to try out something new and had a friend recommend this program. It is BETTER than anything else i've ever done for fitness and nutrition. It is a one stop shop for looking the best you ever had. Join, you will be happy you did.
- Paul W, NY
I thought this was a scam like every other fitness challenge/program I see. What was different was that all the ads talked about being science-based and giving references so I tried it. That choice ended up being the best one i've made in years. This program saved me years of struggling, wasting money on more scammy programs, and even made me money because my personal and professional life are better now than ever. 
- Jessica M, CA

The FoolProof Fitness Solutions 2020 Transformation Program (3.0)

    Done-For-You meal plans so you can quickly shred your stubborn body fat which means you can stop wasting your money on diets that don't work.

    ✅ Done-For-You workout plans so you can quickly add on lean muscle which means you can stop wasting your time on programs that don't work.

    ✅ A Step-By-Step Blueprint to creating your ideal body so you don't have to guess which new "quick-fix" or "secret" is legit...which means you'll build your dream body instead of jumping from one "fad" to the next. 

    ✅Entertaining educational videos so you can fully understand exactly what you are doing which means you can become a master of your own exercise & diet (you'll know more than 90% of trainers).

    ✅Exclusive member discounts on supplements & meal-prep services so you can save money on the best products in the market which means you'll have an unfair advantage when burning fat & gaining muscle.

    ✅A list of over 100 credible scientific case-studies so you can confirm everything you are taught in the program...which means you can sleep great at night knowing what you are doing works (& isn't another program selling fake results).

    💥 BONUS Course: Supplement & MealPrep Myth Busting-What You Need & DON'T you can avoid losing thousands of dollars on cheap/fake/scam products...which means you'll know exactly what your body needs to max out your results. ($137 Value)

    💥 BONUS Course: Fat Loss & Muscle Building Myth you can avoid all the lies being sold in the fitness industry which means you'll save boat loads of money. ($339 Value)

    💥 BONUS Course : The "Secret Advantage" To Getting Fit That Most People Avoid Talking you don't lose focus and can stay on track...which means you'll achieve your dream body faster. ($339 Value)

How Confident Are We In Our Program?
100% Money Back Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple. Try our program, watch the videos, use our step-by-step game plan. If you are not satisfied for any reason...we provide a 100% refund, no questions asked.
Why Our Journey Should Matter To You:
Austin Clark CEO FoolProof Fitness Solutions
Hey everyone, Austin here. Thank you for giving us your time! I won't bore you with a long intro...because the truth is that what we do is all about you. Here is a quick summary of how we got to where we are, and why that should matter to you.

FoolProof Fitness Solutions was birthed in my hospital bed back in 2017 after I nearly lost my life. Weeks in a hospital, months of bed rest, a nerve dead right hand, and a PICC line to my heart turned my world upside down. I quickly went from fitness coach, division one football player, active lifestyle junkie - to out of shape, retired, unemployed from training, and wondering how I ended up in such a bad place.

The next 18 months I spent in recovery, trying to regain control of my mental and physical self. Not only was I disgusted with who I saw in the mirror, but mentally I was at an all-time low as I tried to figure out how to adjust to my new life with a nerve-dead dominant hand.

Now, why should this matter to you?

18 months of recovery gave me endless hours to STUDY. I already had an undergraduate degree and master's degree...but this type of studying was different. Countless case studies dating back decades, thousands of pages, tens of thousands of case study participants. After years of obsessive studies I had created an exercise and diet frame work. No more sexy headlines, no more fads, no more quick fixes, no more steroid junkies telling me what to do on my instagram feed...I had let science create my program. I had a framework for losing fat, gaining lean muscle, regaining my energy, regaining my confidence, and regaining control of my life. I no longer wanted to be disgusted looking at my pudgy figure in the mirror, I was done feeling sluggish and tired, I was ready for a change that would ACTUALLY WORK. I had tried countless other programs and saw no results...I was done with that, I would no longer be sold on the next "Big Secret".

But I know what you are thinking...studying is great, but did the framework you made work? It not only worked for me, but it has now worked for countless other people. And the best part is that it can work for you too.

I am not here to sell you on the next big exercise or diet secret. Instead, I am here to give you a step-by-step framework and guide that will ensure you lose your unwanted body fat while gaining lean muscle. It isn't rocket-science...instead it is simple science that you can execute on right now, regardless of your experience.

I don't make false promises, and I am not here to waste your time. This is what WILL happen if you join The FoolProof Family:

-You will lose fat.
-You will gain muscle.
-You will increase your energy.
-You will increase your sex drive.
-You will improve your confidence.
-You will gain attention from your friends and family for your new physique.
-You will see noticeable changes in the next 30 days.
-You will learn everything you need to know so that you can maintain your new look for the rest of your life.

Your body is your vessel here on is your choice what you want that vessel to look like and how long you want it to last. Make it a priority for the next couple of months and you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

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